Surplus Property

The surplus property program provides a system for collection, storage, and distribution of surplus emergency response equipment and apparatus.

The surplus program was started as a way for fire departments to donate their surplus equipment to other agencies. While the equipment is not always the latest, it still has many more years of service left, and in some cases is newer or more compliant that what some agencies might be using now.

Due to the high turnover of equipment it is difficult to keep a current data base. Therefore we ask that departments needing equipment contact the OVFA and we will try to supply you with your request from our inventory of surplus items located at the Stayton Fire Department. We can try to deliver the items, or you can come pick them up, whatever is most convenient.

We have added a new service to this program. OVFA, OFCA, OFDDA and SDAO have partnered to make available rolling stock (vehicles) for departments in need.  There will be a more formal competitive process if more than one agency is in need of a particular piece of apparatus. It is our intent as a partnership to provide needy departments in the state apparatus and equipment at no cost other than minor acquisition fees associated with transfer of vehicle ownership.

If you have any equipment/apparatus you would like to donate or are in need of equipment/ apparatus then please contact Dave Butler or the OVFA office for pick up or delivery arrangements.


OVFA Office (503)378-0896

Dave Butler – Lebanon Fire District – moc.loanull@1pvafvo

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