Dee Westcott Scholarship Fund

Program Description

The Dee Westcott Scholarship will be administered by the OVFA, who will establish a Scholarship Committee consisting of one Chairperson and four Board Members. The Chairperson and Board Members shall serve at the pleasure of the current President of the Oregon Volunteer Firefighters Association.

Scholarship funds shall be used only for tuition and books. The Treasurer of the OVFA will establish a scholarship account and manage this account in accordance with the Prudent Man Principles and will disburse this fund upon proper notification from the Scholarship Committee.

The Scholarship Committee will be responsible for announcing the availability of the Scholarship to the college scholarship facilities within the higher education system of the State of Oregon .

The Committee will also be responsible for selecting the recipient(s) and give any and all recognition to the recipient(s). The OVFA Board or the Scholarship Committee or any members thereof will receive NO compensation from this fund. However, any children or grandchildren of any of the above Board Members should and shall be considered if they apply and meet the eligibility requirements.

The recipient(s) are subject and responsible to any/all Federal or State income tax laws pertinent to the Scholarship Funds.

Please look under documents to apply for scholarships

Past Recipients

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