Recruitment & Retention

The OVFA supports Recruitment & Retention of volunteer responders through out Oregon in a number of avenues. We offer a number of benefits that individual associations may use as enticements to recruit members. We are continually looking at national benefits to bring to Oregon one of those being the 1-800-FIRELINE program. This program allows individual agencies to use this number through out their district as a information toll free number. The call is answered in our Salem, Oregon office and local phone numbers and information are given out. We also contact the agency directly and pass on the calls contact information. We also have road signs and poster to augment this program. We also are applying for grants as the state association to be used on behalf of all volunteer agencies and as these grants are awarded we will share this information.

There is also the Task Force Report on Recruitment & Retention of Oregon Fire Service that the OVFA played an instrumental part in developing. The OVFA also will send a representative to your agency to explain the benefits of membership as well as assist you in developing a local campaign. We also share information on Length Of Service Awards Programs (LOSAP) and how these can be used as a retention tool. By virtue of our board being comprise of members from around Oregon we can bring a number of different views and programs to you. We also have the ability to network with other state associations for information or programs they might have. We are here to serve and as our motto states. "Represent Those Who Volunteer"


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